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Permanent makeup removal results
Permanent makeup removal results

How long does PMU removal take?

What is permanent makeup removal? 

At NAAMA we offer a number of permanent makeup removal services. They are detailed below.

  • Eyebrow tattoo removal: microblading; microshading; and ombre.

  • Permanent lip blushing; lip liner; and lip colour tattooing.

  • Face and scalp treatment removal, such as hairline microblading; scalp micropigmentation; and freckle tattoos.

And because skin-safety is of paramount importance at NAAMA, we only use the ultra-precise LightSense™ laser system for PMU removal. We are the only tattoo removal studio in London to have access to this unique pico laser. More on that later. 

How long does it take to remove permanent makeup?

On average PMU removal takes between 3-5 sessions, treating as often as every 2-3 weeks. 

Verity, a consultant at NAAMA, describes the speed of the process: “Because PMU tends to heal quickly with the low-energy LightSense™ laser it usually takes around four months in total.”

Clients have completely removed permanent makeup in a single session, but we provide the average here so as to manage expectations. We can’t all be above average, that’s not how averages work. 

Factors such as the type of cosmetic tattoo, its density, and your health and lifestyle will all play a part in how long removal takes.

For anyone seeking urgent PMU results. You can remove freshly inked and new permanent makeup as soon as the skin has healed, usually around six weeks after it has first been applied. 

If you’d like a personalised assessment of your PMU, speak to one of our expert consultants. 

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How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios
How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios

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What will my PMU removal progress look like? 

Clients often see results straight from the very first session, though if this isn’t the case for you, do not be alarmed. 

PMU removal occurs beneath the superficial level of the skin, and once the laser has set the removal process in motion within the skin’s middle dermis layer, the unwanted ink pigment will continue to clear over the coming days and weeks. 

It might be that the results become clear on the surface of the skin after your immune system has had some time to kick in and flush out the unwanted ink pigment. 

Progress looks different from person to person, and some clients choose only to fade their PMU, instead of opting for a complete removal. 

As you progress through your PMU removal sessions the option is always there to pause and leave the makeup partially faded, rather than completely removed, if you prefer the way this looks for you. 

Makeup is an extremely personal form of expression, and after we’ve got to work with the laser, we leave that part up to you. 

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“Since the lip blushing was on my face, there was no way to hide it. It affected my self esteem. When I found NAAMA, that all changed. They're removing the lip blushing and it’s been great. I could see the results right away after the first session. I’ve had four sessions so far and I’m already near the end of my removal.”

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“It’s really working fast for me. I might end up removing it completely, or I might leave it halfway. I’m just going to go with the flow.” 

Uyi Scalp Tattoo Removal London
Uyi Scalp Tattoo Removal London

The best technology for permanent makeup removal 

LightSense™ laser system works on ultra-low energy and is perfect for PMU removal on sensitive areas of the body.

Compared to the average pico laser LightSense™ uses 34X less energy. It has a spot size that is 11X more precise, again making it safe to use on sensitive areas.

LightSense™ is FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and backed by rigorous clinical studies. 

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